Insight engine

Getting the right information to the right person at all times

How to go from a “data collection” mode to an “efficient and effective information exploitation” mode? One word: customization.


Organizations and their business partners have to deal with an incredible amount of data distributed within complex technological ecosystems. Levio and its strategic partner Coveo offer turn-key solutions to provide the right information to the right person at all times.


The value associated with the trust level towards the identification process of your online clientele depends on the identity provider used to identify these clients.
The Levio offer supports the identification needs when accessing public assets via identity providers regardless of the level of trust required. Our fields of expertise are:

  • Business analysis
  • Work organization
  • Technology architecture
  • Integration and organic architecture


Some productivity gains are distributed throughout your organization. The Insight Engines offer aims to improve the organization’s relations with:

  • Its clients
  • Its partners
  • Its employees

The proposed solution is dynamic and is constantly improving while using artificial intelligence. It identifies the different clients’ needs and interests and proposes customized information. This brings significant gains in terms of the efficiency and the quality of the services delivered through:

  • Call centres
  • Service portals for your partners (B2B)
  • Client self-service
  • Intranets and portals for employees
  • Knowledge management
  • Web experience


Regardless of your environment, Levio offers a tailored delivery approach and solution: Coveo customization – Smart search that identifies its users’ needs based on a customized context:

  • For Salesforce
  • For Sitecore
  • For Elasticsearch
  • For Microsoft Dynamics 365
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