Our Practices

Our company is comprised of experienced, high-caliber consultants. Their expertise and experience enables them to master the most complex issues throughout the life cycle of a transformation program or project.

Lean and Agile Coaching

  • Agile Organizational Support - We support your organization’s agile transformation and will help you plan and execute your own vision of a truly agile Enterprise Ecosystem.
  • Agile Coaching – We will coach your teams to help them mobilize around common goals and empower them to deliver business solutions with an agile mindset. This is where the rubber meets the road and you can reap long-lasting benefits from your agile initiatives.
  • Lean Six Sigma Support - We will work with you to implement continuous improvement business processes that will increase operational efficiency by eliminating wasteful processes and activities and focusing on business goals.

Levio and its agile center of expertise offers, high-quality training tailored to your business context. We offer on-site training, according to your expectations and availability.

Here are our training proposals, which can be adapted to your needs:

  • Agile 101, values and principles, underlying ideology
    In a few hours, master the particular language of agility and discuss with our expert on an agile transformation plan within your organization.
  • Scrum and Scrum by practice
    Training on the most used and proven development framework
  • Kanban and Kanban by practice
    The strength of Lean Management for all your agility needs in a continuous flow environment
  • Management 3.0
    Transform your management, follow-up and control processes and make your managers work magic, to the service of your agility
  • Scrum Master
    Training, coaching and mentoring to create this expertise at the very heart of your organization. Our training offer makes it easy to obtain the PSM certification from Scrum.org
  • Product Owner
    Training, coaching and mentoring to equip your organization with this new expertise. This training makes it easy to obtain PSPO certification from the Scrum.org organization

At all times, our team of experts will listen to your needs and offer you the best formula for you and your organization. Whether in a small group or for a larger audience, a few hours or a few days, the formula will be tailored to your organization.

JAVA and .NET Development

Our .Net and Java experts work hand in hand with our clients to meet their computer system architecture and systems development needs.

We take pride in our continuous training program that ensures our employees’ skills remain laser sharp. All our employees have access to specialized training through our extensive partner network, through exclusive in-house training programs and by attending off-site training sessions and professional events.

You expect consultants to know what they’re talking about. So do we.

Cloud Technologies

Let’s face it, cloud-based technologies are quickly becoming ubiquitous. They are the key to enabling continuous delivery and support new agile development methodologies while keeping costs under control. We believe in the power of the cloud as demonstrated by the fact that our entire IT infrastructure runs on the Cloud. We use our own infrastructure to drive-test new features and build our expertise on actual production environments. Levio is helping its clients get the most out of their SaaS, PaaS and IaaS solutions. We can help organizations migrate to the cloud or efficiently manage its cloud-based infrastructure.


We support organizations in the deployment of their online training projects. Our expert management consultants will guide you along the way of a successful implementation. Whether at the human (communication plan, organizational change management) or technical level (impact or gap analysis, interoperability with your existing systems), our experts will assess and unlock e-learning opportunities within your organization. This allows faster and cheaper training delivery.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We support organizations in the deployment of customer relationship management systems. CRM software collects information about current and potential customers and organizes it into an integrated system. It allows employees to get a comprehensive view of clients to effectively monitor their immediate and future needs. A CRM enables an organization's employees to work collaboratively and to efficiently coordinate activities with its clients. Our business and technological expertise in this field allows us to support an organization in the definition of its customer relationship requirements through the deployment of the selected CRM solution. Our experts have experience implementing and working with a variety of CRM solutions such as Siebel and Microsoft dynamics.

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