All modern organizations strongly rely on technology. Your organization will need to implement new IT solutions and keep improving them.

Countless software packages are available and new products keep popping up in emerging technology areas. Configurating such packages and integrating them into existing business processes and IT ecosystems requires skills mastered by few organizations. Indeed, on the one hand your organizations strives to differentiate from competitors, but on the other hand wishes to « share with them system development costs » by using the same software packages.

Levio partners with several software suppliers, selected to meet the specific needs of our clients :

  • EIS
  • Oracle
  • Fineos
  • Microsoft
  • Infor
  • The Reporting Engine
  • Optymyze
  • Metrix

Selecting software packages to support your business processes can be a cost-effective solution, but their integration raises challenges that Levio can help you tackle.